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Are you going to let the heat
make you lose your cool again
this summer?


Large Factory Fans

Rental from
$20 per day


*Conditions apply

Don't miss out
get yours today. 



+NO CFC or
+Low energy requirements
+Safe for the         environment

                MA 12

Ideal for mechanics, restaurants and anywhere you require a small footprint.

The Ma12 uses twin fans with allow the user maximum control with where airflow is directed and how much.

Independent fans top and bottom allow you to choose exactly where the air goes with the added ability to cool dual zones (High and low fan settings and independent swing functions for each fan.

The small footprint and lightweight manufacture allow you to place the MA12 wherever its needeed and its whisper quiet tecnology, makes it ideal for restaurants and beer gardens.

Power consumption:

450watts 1.5amp

Water Tank 40Ltrs

Cooling area up to 100M2

Dimensions: *66 *46 x 160CM

Airflow: max 12,000CM3 PH

MA 22


Perfect for factories, warehouses and Gyms amoung many other applications


When you need some serious cooling the MA 20 delivers the grunt to cool your work space 

3 Speed with swing option delivers 22,000 CM3 per hour of air flow

The perfect companion for large spaces such as factories, warehouses Gymnasiums, kennels and any larger area.

Manual water filler or direct hose connection with auto fill shut off.

Swing function to distribute air across your work area or direct flow to concentrate cool air to where it is needed 

Power consumption:

550 Watts  3.0amp

Water Tank 160Ltrs

Cooling area up to 150M2

Dimensions *1.5 *1.16 x 0.64cm

Airflow: max 22,000 CM3 PH

We can service and deliver:

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